Aurora, Colorado

A city councilman in Aurora, Colorado, said the council couldn't believe the 65-year-old ban on ice cream trucks.
“I need us all to be outraged by what happened here today,” the police chief said, decrying the “public health crisis” that is gun violence.
McClain, 23, died in August 2019 after police threw him to the ground and put him in a now-banned chokehold.
Officers said the SUV's plates indicated it was actually a stolen motorcycle.
"They don't deserve to wear a badge anymore," Aurora's interim Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said.
Jones and two other Aurora, Colorado, officers reportedly mocked the police killing of McClain, a Black man who was walking home last year.
Some family members of the victims are also calling on Warner Bros. to support gun control measures.
Tom Sullivan, the father of one of the 2012 theater shooting victims, introduced the Democratic presidential candidate at a rally on Thursday.
Mayor Michael B. Hancock said his son's response during a traffic stop was "inexcusable."
The campaign was launched by the parents of a victim of the Aurora, Colorado, theater massacre.