Sometimes specialists conserving the 8,000 shoes are overcome by emotion and need breaks. They are “the most moving objects,” said one.
She was 18 when she was arrested in 1942 for her association with the Polish resistance in Krakow.
Liz Claman tweeted details about Josef Mengele's evil history, saying "facts need to be stated."
Museum officials characterized some of the graffiti as anti-Semitic and echoing phrases used by Holocaust deniers.
"A few weeks after his 94th birthday, I opened my laptop and watched him disclose the secrets of his childhood I’d waited decades to hear."
A survey released on Holocaust Remembrance Day shows major gaps in knowledge of basic information about it.
German prosecutors said Groening, an ex-Nazi death camp guard, was medically fit to serve the four-year sentence he received for his role in the Holocaust.
She claims the right to "act according to my own laws."
Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) was called out by the Auschwitz Memorial after posting a video of himself at the Nazi concentration camp.
Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) posted a tone-deaf video of himself at the Nazi concentration camp.