"Congrats Australia! Every step taken is one closer to World Peace!"
The country has a long way to go to catch up with other developed nations on marriage equality.
Spring has officially come and gone, with summer patiently waiting on our doorstep. As we welcome summer with open arms, we
Australia has always been a mecca for all travelers - business, and leisure. Its natural beauty includes lush rainforests
The canines were ready for the race in a variety of fancy dress outfits, ranging from patriotic Australian flag costumes to matching owner and dog superhero ensembles.
A white Christmas the Australian way is different to what you're used to. Instead of glistening white snow, you're more likely to see white sand baking in the sun. Rather than rugging up inside with family and friends to beat the cold, we're busy trying to cool off in mid-summer.
It was a blistering 35 degrees Celsius, but I was so preoccupied by my new surroundings that I barely noticed the heat. As I started the ignition of my rental car, my nerves tingled. I'm alone, in the desert. I'm going to be driving around in the desert, alone.
We've taken it upon ourselves to inform you, dear reader, about the ins, outs, downs, and unders of Aussie cuisine.
Aussie teen sensation Cody Simpson hangs out with Alyona to discuss his thoughts on tour-mate Justin Bieber's behavior.
Aussie teen sensation Cody Simpson hangs out with Alyona to discuss the beginning of his music career.
In the last year or so I've increasingly been influenced by Australian style blogs. It started with one, and a few recommendations later I'm officially obsessed with Australian style.
Few films show loss and grief in such a naked and matter-of-fact manner as does Rabbit Hole. This unvarnished and austere movie tells the story of a couple suffering through the process of coping with and living past the accident death of their child.
The Australian dollar reached its strongest level against the US dollar in nearly a quarter of a century on Monday, some