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"I want to make sure that it’s fire before I put it out to the world.”
Four years later he launched Vydia. With this forward-thinking music tech company, thousands of artists including Aminé, Post
Monique was raised in a Cuban household in Miami where music was infectious, singing and dancing was a daily ritual, and her creativity was never stifled.
Now, the 18-year-old star's gracing the cover of December/January's Teen Vogue (and finally addressing all the gossip about
Because many whites feel that US society is now "post racial," enabling them to "get their black on" without a physical presence in the black community, white label executives package black culture and style through white artists without the burdens of racial disadvantage.
I popped my lip open the other day, so I was bleeding onstage. Yeah, that was funny. And then Connor has also fallen off
Almost a year ago, HuffPost Teen caught up with Austin Mahone about his first album, touring with Taylor Swift and why he's not the next Justin Bieber. As it turns out, the "Banga Banga" singer has been up to a lot since then.
A source close to Gomez denies Us Weekly's report, telling HuffPost Celebrity it's "not true," but it's not the first time
Get ready, Mahomies: Austin (and his smooth dance moves) are back with his second music video, but this time, he's ditched
If you have tickets to go see Austin Mahone perform on his MTV Artist to Watch Presents Tour, then you might now have to wait a few months.
Often compared to Justin Bieber for his rise to prominence through YouTube, Mahone signed his first record deal in 2012 at
From Miley Cyrus to the boys of 1D, we've seen a lot of twerking this past year -- and Austin Mahone is the latest celeb
13. Most importantly, though, JB and AM both love you. Awwww. 9. They play the same instrument Last week, we hung out with
The night before Austin performed to a sold-out crowd of 55,000 in New Jersey, we hung out with him at Frames Bowling Lounge
Does Selena Gomez have a type? After photos of the newly single 20-year-old actress and 17-year-old singer Austin Mahone
Who are your influences? Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, of course, Boyz II Men, and Drake. Have you
It's been an exciting week for Mahonies. Not only did Austin Mahone premiere his new single titled "What About Love," but
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Just when we thought we were "over" the Harlem Shake trend, Austin Mahone went ahead and proved us wrong. Check out Austin's