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On Friday, August 28th, the American Society of Journalists will be honoring James Foley, Steven Sotloff and Austin Tice, a journalist who has been missing since 2012, with its Conscience in Media Award at its writers conference, A Capital Event, at the National Press Club.
Tice's father was unable to speak for most of the interview, and broke down while talking about his son's generosity and
On Wednesday, Tice's family posted an update to their webpage, acknowledging that it has been one year since they last heard
Dr. Karin Karlekar and Danny O'Brien join Ahmed to discuss the sources of oppression when it comes to international press.
If no story is worth a life, then why is murder the number one cause of journalists' deaths worldwide? In addition to those who have been killed, dozens have been attacked, kidnapped, or forced into exile in connection with their coverage of crime and corruption.
On HuffPost Live, a group of war correspondents discussed the difficulties reporters face in war zones overseas. Freelance
His family reacted in a statement to Russia Today's Arabic service, saying, “Knowing Austin is alive is comforting to our
In the video, a blindfolded Tice is shown crying, "Oh Jesus," as people around him shout, "God is great." Anders Gyllenhaal
Austin Tice's family has not heard from him in more than two weeks. Local family and friends gathered together in Tice's