Austral Islands

Rock Islands, Palau Swimming With Fidel: The Toils Of An Accidental Journalist, available on Kindle, with free excerpts here
The people of Rapa cannot live without the sea. To come to our island, one must travel across the ocean because we have no airstrip. On a daily basis, the ocean is what gives us the resources we need to live on Rapa, our small island, a part of French Polynesia's Austral Islands.
The Austral Islands reserve, if approved, would be roughly the size of California, Nevada and Arizona combined.
The flukes of their tails surface and crash in spray onto the ocean surface as they dive back into the deep. Of course, my
Abe-who? Not for nothing have some of the world's most famous authors dwelt literarily on and physically in the islands of
Serendipity does sometimes smile upon me, and it did a few months ago when I was on a tossing, rolling tin motorboat on the roiling South Pacific off the Austral island of Rurutu in French Polynesia, looking for whales.
At age 77 is it time at last to retire my sneakers and wind up my travels? No way! The sneakers perhaps, but I'll just get a new pair. I'm having much too much fun, thank you very much.