Facebook user Frankie Ferraro, a witness to the chaos on Brookton Highway in Western Australia Friday, posted this (nsfw
1. Catch bus to vic's home. 2. Advocate makes an entrance. 3. Tie vic up with rope and duct tape. 4. Take vic's possessions
Steele was arrested a short time later after police saw him walking down the street. The chainsaw was found in a bush near
Each man is described as being between 15 to 25 years old, between 5-foot-5 and 5-foot-9, with a slim build, dark wavy hair
A 17-year-old Australian boy was arrested on Friday for impersonating a physician at several hospitals in Adelaide, where
The serial killer assignment is not the first time a teacher in Australia has captured news headlines for handing out questionable
An 80-year-old Catholic priest bit off another priest's ear and socked him in the face over a parking spot in Australia, according
Cops Tasered and killed an Australian resident on Sunday over what may have been a stolen packet of cookies. Cops maintained
The family entered their home in Melbourne, Australia on Feb. 6 to find their house ransacked, according to the Herald Sun
Medical professionals at St. Vincents Hospital in Sydney's St. Vincent's Hospital were shocked on Monday upon discovering