The 23-year-old surfer, who has not been named, lost one arm from the elbow down and the other at the wrist in the attack
Mark Hickey saw blood in the water and pulled the man, identified as British ex-pat Paul Wilcox, onto the sand at Clarkes
As many critics of the cull program warned, the baited drumlines may be attracting sharks closer to shore than they might
Even if you're not opposed to the shark culling program, beach-goers in Western Australia might want to follow the tweets
"People might say it was a stupid thing to do," he explained to Wales Online. "But when you see a beautiful beast struggling
According to local media, fellow surfers used their board ropes as a tourniquet to stop the man from bleeding out on the
A worker in Coral Bay told Perth Now that shark attacks in the area are uncommon. "We haven't had an attack here in 10 or
The 32-year-old tourist is believed to have been diving off the popular Rottnest Island, 12.5 miles northwest of Perth, at
IT COULD be a down side to our ocean waters becoming cleaner, or the result of a welcome flourishing of the schools of small
A snorkeller is believed to have been snatched by a shark as he swam last weekend with his son at a beach south of Perth