"This is not a pleasant place to be," firefighters said, urging the public to take caution and heed evacuation advice.
"Thank you, Firies," said the message to those battling Australia's record-breaking wildfires.
The singer volunteered at Melbourne's Foodbank to package food hampers for those affected by the country's worst fire crisis.
The conservative leader defended his government's climate policy, rejecting pleas to downsize the nation's massive coal industry.
These NASA satellite images, captured in September and October, highlight the huge scale of an area scorched by fire in the
SYDNEY, Oct 24 (Reuters) - A plane dousing wildfires in bushland around the Australia's biggest city, Sydney, crashed into
The wildfires that have ripped through Australia's state of New South Wales and destroyed more than 200 homes are now threatening
A 63-year-old man died of a heart attack while protecting his home from fire at Lake Munmorah, north of Sydney. At least
Forecasts for a return of hot, windy weather later this week has raised fears that three of the most dangerous blazes in
As Mallin rushes around the smoke-filled neighborhood, high winds can be seen whipping the fires into a fury while some residents
That fire also forced the evacuation of the Siding Springs Observatory, which houses 15 major telescopes. CANBERRA, Jan 14
Take a look at some mind-blowing photos from Down Under in the slideshow below. "There's little doubt that this is a very
"The air mass over the inland is still heating up. It hasn't peaked," David Jones, head of the bureau's climate monitoring
Some might say that those 'Down Under' have a competitive streak with Americans, but competition can go too far: Australia is on the path to top America's nightmarish heat wave conditions with environmental conditions.
Australian authorities shut schools in the southeastern state of Victoria and sent in extra firefighters as extreme weather
A BUSHFIRE was bearing down on the Victorian resort town of Daylesford last night, hours after an out-of-control grass fire
AUSTRALIA may have just had a horrifying preview of what climate change has in store for its people. Even early warning couldn't