Authentic Beauty

"Everyone should feel beautiful in their natural skin."
Now when I see someone else with large or noticeable scars, I think about his or her spirit. I think about how he or she experienced something that was difficult or even traumatic, and survived and is now flourishing. To me, that's the most attractive quality any person can possibly possess -- unfailing optimism, power, courage, strength of mind. To me, a scar is a beauty mark.
We've seen what Barbie would look like if she were modeled after the average 19-year-old woman. (Spoiler alert: a Barbie doll's body proportions are completely unrealistic.) But what would she look like with no makeup on?
This image posted on Reddit gives us a pretty good idea. This isn't the first time someone has drawn up a more "natural" Barbie
That's what photographer Marc Erwin Babej wanted to explore in his new series, "Mask Of Perfection." Babej worked with his
It's worth noting that Dove is owned by Unilever -- the same company that owns Axe, king of misogynistic ads that use headless
My 3-year-old nephew called me fake. He was right. Everything from my hair extensions, eyelash extensions, colored-in eyebrows and acrylic nails were all fake.
I silently bartered for pretty, and it never occurred to me that maybe someone walking past me wished they had mine.
Rather than fighting the aging process, more women seem to be coming to terms with it. They are redefining what it means to be beautiful -- at age 50, 60 and beyond -- and are wearing that new definition proudly on their faces.
What if we measured our own success by whether we make life better or more difficult for all types of women, everywhere?