Authentic leadership

Today I am celebrating your birthday by signing up for Weight Watchers with my cousin b/c I read that your autopsy revealed that your internals revealed the body of a 69 year old and not a 39 year old. Health is wealth. I was introduced to a Vegan lifestyle at the age of 18. Today I shall return to it.
Many people don't realize it, but a big part of true leadership is the ability and willingness to identify, accept and share yourself as a whole person - not just someone who works perfectly in an office.
One of the reasons is that I became conscious of a) who I was 'being' and b) how I was presenting myself to the world - i.e
Authentic Leaders focus on the purposes they support and the people they serve. This isn't to say that they're martyrs, that they're weak, or that they're never thinking of themselves. Authentic Leaders build strong relationships that work for everyone.
Driven Leadership, with all the problems it produces, is simply unacceptable in this second decade of the twenty-first century. What's more, it's completely unnecessary. We now have the tools we need for each of us to become more mindful -- and more effective -- leaders.
"Faking it" is the antithesis of authentic leadership. Following this advice is the most likely path to failure as a leader. You cannot act like a leader until you go through the hard steps of developing yourself from within.
I coach and mentor women who live double lives. From the outside, they appear happy with their successful careers. They are making their way up the corporate ladder, connecting with the right people, and adding high-profile accomplishments to their resumes. Looking at their lives from the outside, you'd believe they are living the dream.
What I've noticed (and experienced myself) is that when our lives aren't going as well as we'd like, we forget about all we've accomplished. Instead, we fixate everything that's wrong in the present.
Authentic leaders constitute the vast majority of people chosen today for the key roles in business and nonprofits. Their emergence as the predominant way of leading has resulted from all we have discovered about leadership in the past decade.
Be honest with yourself when you notice old "blaming-others thinking." Then, start noticing your habit of believing your limiting thoughts. After you get clear about the beliefs that hold you back, you can establish new thoughts and habits to replace them.
I am a TCK. TCK stands for Third Culture Kid, a person who spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents' culture, according to American sociologist David C. Pollock.
We are surrounded by the expectations of society, our community, family and friends. Even when you believe you are making your own decisions, subconsciously you try to meet someone else's expectations, too.
All political candidates dissemble. Indeed, all people do. A degree of deception is required in order to be civil. "It was a pleasure to meet you," is often just a way to gracefully exit a conversation. But at what point does a political candidate take deception too far? In Hillary Clinton's case, that is a critical question. Andrea Mitchell told Clinton she has an authenticity problem. S.A. Miller of the Washington Times described Clinton's "authenticity gap" as a major issue for her coming up to the New Hampshire primary. What does it mean to be authentic, particularly an authentic politician? The term may seem an oxymoron. Politics by nature is about strategy, knowing what to say when, in what way, and to whom. Where is the room for authenticity?
After in-depth interviews with 170 world leaders and classroom discussions with 6,000 executives and MBAs in Authentic Leadership Development (ALD) at Harvard Business School, we've learned three essential steps to building your self-awareness.
All of us face trials in our lives. How can you respond to your crucible to transform your deep feelings of loss -- which are real and natural -- into opportunities for personal growth?
Have you ever felt you were losing your way? Cut adrift on a raging sea? I know I have. When I was reaching the top of Honeywell, I was working 24/7. Having succeeded in turning around a series of troubled businesses, I was tasked with even more turnarounds.
If you embrace your life story and learn from its lessons, your leadership journey leads to great satisfaction and fulfillment.
If your legacy existed on a single wall... what would you write? Each year, Harvard's seniors confront this question. In Adams house, it is tradition for graduating students to paint a basement hallway. Some draw, others leave quotes, and a few trace a simple handprint.
I have learned that leadership - when authentic - belongs to the individuals who make the conscious choice to be a part of a greater purpose.