Cussler's page-turning novels about underwater explorer Dirk Pitt sold millions of copies.
The author of the steamy romances "Scruples" and "Princess Daisy" sold more than 85 million books worldwide.
Toni Morrison is a Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer whose novels like “Beloved” unapologetically depict the African-American experience. #BlackGlory #BlackHistoryMonth
The author died at her Oregon home on Monday.
3. Connect with other people 2. Expect obstacles and prepare yourself Often times when we have obstacles we separate ourselves
The most important lesson (of course, I may not have had it yet with 46 days to go) has been to crush the notion that I am
4. Unplug. In the era of 24/7 news coverage and social media, it's hard to avoid an inflammatory tweet, a Facebook post suggesting
The best part of this book is Part Two: Experts and emergencies.  What do we do when crisis strikes?  How can we ground ourselves