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Ask Polly's Heather Havrilesky wants millennials to slow down, feel their feelings, and forgive themselves for not being Beyoncé.
Alicia Cook, of New Jersey, has been writing stories since she was eight years old, and is now being represented by literary agent Byrd Leavell of the Waxman Leavell Literary Agency located in New York City.
I do have some advice and once I reveal it, you will really get to know me. If you are a loyal sort of person who works hard
You are also the author of a trilogy of novels, Snow Island, Evening Ferry, and Island Light. How did you approach Penny
SARI: Yes, definitely. Most writers are process-based people, I think. The distinction between class and performance is useful
You know, I hadn't planned on returning to the White Clan, but, when you say that, I get these excited little butterflies
Ronna Lebo -- artist, writer, musician, mother of two, grandmother of two -- learned a lot about living from birthing, mothering, and creating. The main lesson she learned, the big takeaway, for her was "Life goes on."
Katy Simpson Smith, author of the new novel 'Free Men,' on the joys and frustrations of exploring the past.
What does it mean to forgive in a town so hard and dry that it's called Unforgiven. Ruby Baxter, the protagonist of Marin
Randel with the cast of The Tales of the Three Kingdoms, performed in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, 1997. Even then, she was a
Suzanne Redfearn's novel, No Ordinary Life, explores the age-old question: what price are you willing to pay for fame. But she does so with a twist: how much would you be willing to let your children pay?
As far as the Father / Carolyn dynamic, part of that came from the relationship between me and my dad. I want to emphasize
I've found that inspiration and influence can come from almost anything, though. I'm mostly inspired by the people around
Long before Marilyn Monroe, another blonde bombshell glittered from the silver screen. Jean Harlow captivated audiences during
Even though that quiet moment has passed, by taking it, you create a force field around yourself that helps you reflect -- even
In Sarah Addison Allen's First Frost, we return to Bascom, North Carolina, and the magical Waverly family first featured in Garden Spells. Addison Allen's books feature a splendid use of magical realism that immerses us into the hearts and minds of her characters. We spoke about the nature of belonging, magic, and writing.
In Desperate Measures, Jo Bannister returns to the life of police officer Hazel Best as she grapples with rescuing Gabriel Ash from himself and the dark forces that fractured his family. I spoke with Bannister about writing from a dog's point of view, stoking tension, and crafting a wonderfully intense book series.
Kate Moretti's latest thriller, The Vanishing Year, marks a new transition for the New York Times bestselling author. With this novel, she is moving from a digital/print on demand publisher to a traditional publisher. This process represents one that so many independent and self-publishers dream about -- cracking into the work of traditional publishing.