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Be Transparent Depending on car "As" history report, problem areas, the craze among buyers, there is the difference in price
So the dealers are offering you an amazing list of extras like Rustproofing, Fabric protection, Paint protectant, or VIN
Then came the bottom two rows, the place where reform goes to die. Despite the disapproval of the powerful chairman [Barney
Here are five common mistakes shoppers make that you should avoid if you want to get the best deal on your ideal car
Having turned profitable with our $2.2 billion contribution, it is a slap in the face to our state that they persist in their efforts to maintain their special tax deal.
The Better Business Bureau received the most inquiries about roofing and general contractors in 2011, according to a report
4) Test drive the vehicle. Dealerships love you driving their products. This makes the dealership feel like they have done
"Hey there! Welcome to GOP AutoWorld -- you look like a couple of folks who are ready for a change! Dump the old clunker for something new!" "Are you gonna keep shouting?"