autobiography of a yogi

The spiritual teacher is credited for introducing millions to the practices of yoga and meditation.
We can infer then that happiness is enabled by an ability to create at will what we need, mentally, emotionally and materially. Although this sounds like a hybrid of the Law of Attraction and great portfolio management, to measure success in this way is really determined by our levels of willpower and self-control, which when combined lead us to self-mastery.
I hope that you are inspired enough to give meditation a chance as you deserve greater peace in your life. For those that already meditate, and will now try it at work, I am confident your boss and colleagues will appreciate the new super-hero at the office.
Healthy Living
Being present comes from breath, thought, and expression. A breath is a living prayer, each inhale an opportunity and each exhale a way to send unwanted energy out of the mind and body.