Amid all the hysterical palaver about 'fake news' this year (another yugely fungible descriptor, like 'mistake') it's worth
My team and I interviewed Maci about her startup: challenges, plans to scale, and innovation.
Overriding my vocalizations, my personal AutoCorrect serves as a cyber-Ouija-board, spelling out that which I am trying to ignore, forcing me into a direct confrontation with reality.
In case you hadn't heard, Apple rolled out some new-fangled software that promised to get rid of our beloved autocorrects
Ah, autocorrect, the gift that keeps on giving. This month's autocorrect fails made us giggle, but also taught us some important
We love our moms. And we love getting texts from our moms (seriously, no one replies to our messages faster). But if our
9. 4. Your number one goal when texting a crush is coming across calm, cool and collected. Unfortunately, it's precisely
Apple caused a similar stir after The Daily Beast revealed that iPhones won't correct certain words like "rape," "bullet