autoimmune disease

I have consistently felt overlooked or placated by doctors when expressing pain or other symptoms.
"Y'all do kno this man has an auto immune disorder ... right?" she tweeted.
My son has learned a deep empathy I have never seen in another human.
We stand at the ready, eager to jump in when science needs our help to cure our disease.
After treating thousands of patients with autoimmunity and other chronic health conditions, I have found that by addressing five common environmental and lifestyle factors we can help restore the balance of your immune system and often reverse your autoimmune disease.
The comedian has since made a few life changes and feels healthier than ever.
In an unlikely collaboration with Amazonian shamans, medical researchers seek a cure for autoimmune disease.
Women disproportionately suffer from the disease.
Nyanda Richards was only fifteen when her brother was murdered and her mother died of kidney cancer. She learned all too soon that tomorrow isn’t promised. On top of this trauma, Nayanda was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis which led to a liver transplant and constant trips to the hospital. Because Nyanda has faced so much trauma in her life, GLAM4GOOD knew that a day of joy, beauty and fashion would be good for her as she continues to heal and live a life of happiness.