autoimmune disease

I have consistently felt overlooked or placated by doctors when expressing pain or other symptoms.
"Y'all do kno this man has an auto immune disorder ... right?" she tweeted.
What she can still do is jog, meet her friends and work in her day job at a psychology lab while forcing herself to stay
My son has learned a deep empathy I have never seen in another human.
She adds that, in extreme cases, all of this abuse can lead to leaky gut syndrome, a third culprit behind autoimmune disease
A spokesperson from Diabetes Research Connection has agreed to answer some questions regarding Type 1 diabetes and the research that is being conducted to understand this autoimmune disease more.
We stand at the ready, eager to jump in when science needs our help to cure our disease.
My plummeting self-esteem wasn't an unusual way to react to a vitiligo diagnosis. Even the NIH says that although the condition
Oh okay. That's a super suggestion because my doctor is actually Dr. Who! I'll just make an appointment with him and demand that he team up with Harry Potter to advance medical research by several decades or so.