Autoimmune Disorders

We’ve come to a point in gay sex where “Positive” means “Discussion” and little else. PrEP is doing the same for condoms.
If history is any guide, politicizing words like "transgender," "fetus" and "evidence-based" will only hurt Americans.
“Our hope is that by sharing their stories with one another, we can show that there is life beyond HIV," said Positively Aware editor-in-chief Jeff Berry.
The Trump administration not only reinstated the Global Gag Rule, it expanded it – by 15 times.
"It’s good and big news,” a deputy health commissioner said.
“Don’t let my status stop you from having sex with me.”
Every year, the global community commemorates World AIDS Day on Dec. 1. It is a time to honor those who have lost their lives
“What are we legally able to do?” the Georgia state lawmaker and wife of former HHS head Tom Price asked during a committee hearing this week.
I often think about the responsibilities I have—the debt I owe, in a way—to those who came before me. I’ve been successful
The California governor must decide whether to sign legislation ending stigmatization of people with HIV.
HIV can strike anyone at any age, but prevention efforts are mostly targeted toward the young.