automatic registration

Can “automatic registration” add 35 million Americans to the voter rolls?   By Rebecca Beitsch   At least 35 million Americans
Democratic Gov. Kate Brown has advanced a slew of progressive priorities since she took office last year.
The state could have become the nation's third to implement automatic registration.
California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Saturday signed a bill that will automatically register voters, which was sent to him by the Democratic-controlled state legislature in September.
Advocates see the bill as a way to help millions of unregistered Californians.
One reason for our shamefully low turnout is America's ramshackle voter registration system. States have slowly improved the process over the last decade. But this year, a bold new reform has caught on -- automatic voter registration, starting at DMVs.
California could automatically enroll millions of new voters -- but will they participate?
"If he were to ignore this comprehensive package, then we're preparing to call the question and let voters decide," NJWF