A self-driving car that was being tested by Uber was involved in the death of pedestrian in Arizona.
You can watch my unveiling and a little more about the McLaren 675LT by clicking on the link below. In my books the McLaren
Let’s be honest. As much as we’d like, cars don’t show up on the shopping lists of most consumers over the holidays. Still
So you arrive at your destination with a minimum of frazzle.
Founded in 1994, the Petersen Museum has recently transformed its exterior, interior, as well as, the content itself into
How do engineers contribute to concepts through integration of new technologies? How do they turn inventions into innovative applications supporting new or existing user needs?
What do you look for in advisory board members? Issue 2 and 3 can be resolved by bringing onboard a talented woman that is
Scott Marshall, founder of the blog Safe Driver and judge on 'Canada’s Worst Driver' on Discovery Network Drivers should
I've come to the troubling realization that people have found yet another bias that only serves to divide us. This bias lies in a new form of exclusionary bias or soft bigotry -- education bigotry.
Earlier last week, the Obama administration unveiled a blueprint for cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the United States by up to 28 percent over the next decade and submitted the formal statement to the to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
A Corvette stolen 40 years ago has been found, but the owner may never get it back.
Technological innovations have long fueled the automotive industry and recent innovations are all thanks to a fourteen year old hacker.
With cars becoming more and more technologically sophisticated, it's wrong to assume that all tech features work the same. In the same way you would test drive a new or used car, take the technology that a car offers for a test drive too. It could help reduce distraction and make you happier with your car in the long run.
Yoenis Céspedes is heading from Boston to Detroit, and the home run hitter is making his trip in style.
It is likely that these services will just exacerbate the differences that already exist in the quality of public transit in different areas. The localities that invested and ran their systems well won't be as impacted. In the areas where frustration is higher, the problems will surely become worse when revenues and ridership decline.
A few weeks ago after enjoying some drinks at the bar, a friend asked me, "Which car companies are just totally getting it right these days?" At the time, I had trouble narrowing it down. But after returning from the action-packed press days of the New York Auto Show, I have my answer.
Here's some pre-bankruptcy video that gives you a fuller ECOtality picture: The U.S. government closely scrutinized some
He said that while some head butting is unavoidable in this atmosphere of constantly pushing for perfection, when one truly
Imagine your car connects automatically with the next stop light so that the light is green when you go through the intersection. Not idling unnecessarily at the intersection conserves fuel, puts less carbon in the air, and saves you time.
Can you believe this car is a hybrid? I couldn't either when I first caught wind of it. You mean I don't need to be driving