autonomous cars

Experts say the autonomous vehicles sensors should have identified that a person was in the road.
As it becomes easier for people to summon shared or autonomous cars when they need them, we won’t need as many cars — or
“You’re making the impression that this is a total cover-up," the judge told Uber's lawyers. "Your client is in a bad way now.”
Uber is truly a fascinating company. The 8-year-old firm is at once the source of strategy and business model admiration
Your hometown might be part of a growing trend of high-tech cities.
The technology, billed as a central pillar of the Steel City's future, may be creating more economic anxiety than anything else.
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Sometimes the best solutions for the future lie in the past.
The impact of AI technology has the potential to be so great that many prefer not to wait and learn from mistakes.
In his early days growing Microsoft, Bill Gates was reported to be the original enfant terrible. Very tough on people and
Volvo says hopping throws off the vehicles' animal detection system.