autonomous vehicles

The ability of VR to virtually, almost literally transport us into another world creates an artistic tool which can allow
Federal oversight agencies are initially focusing on autonomous vehicle safety, but they can do more than one thing at a
It's one of the thorniest moral dilemmas in tech right now.
It came to me as I rode the Expo Line home after a business meeting in Santa Monica. The Expo Line is L.A. Metro's gateway drug. And, if we know what's good for us we should all keep experimenting to find our favorite rail or bus line. We should also all vote for Measure R2 in November.
Autonomous vehicles are poised to disrupt the unhealthy trucking business. Mining could be next.
Metro should not focus on the technologies of the past hundred years. The proposal for spending the $130 billion is backwards-looking rather than forward-thinking and has very little funding set aside for new and developing technologies such as autonomous vehicles, which have the potential to revolutionize public transportation.
Picture this. You are comfortably seated in your driverless car, which is running at 75 kilometers an hour. Suddenly, a band
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