Authorities in Texas said no one was driving the Autopilot-equipped Tesla when it hit a tree and burst into flames, killing both occupants.
In the past year, there have been at least three fatal crashes when Tesla cars were in self-driving mode.
A horn-honking motorist failed to rouse the driver on the Massachusetts Turnpike.
The new system will rely on foremost on radar to detect obstacles, rather than primarily on cameras.
While the government has not determined the cause of the crash, the incident has increased scrutiny of Tesla.
She wasn't just insecure, she was a whole panoply of other traits; human traits. The problem with generalizations is that
"Why do you want to be a medical doctor?" Her words provided a valuable outside perspective for me. By the end of our conversation
So why do we give ourselves a pass, while attributing an obnoxious status to others? Why does our gut always make us out to be the good guys, and other people bad guys?