The 22-year-old lifestyle blogger was found dead near Grand Teton National Park on Sunday.
Franklin was on death row since 2016 for the deaths of nine women and a teenage girl in South Los Angeles. An autopsy will determine the 67-year-old's cause of death.
A former New York City medical examiner who reviewed the photos obtained by '60 Minutes' argues that it doesn't add up to suicide.
Dr. Michael Baden, a forensic expert hired by Epstein's brother, cast doubt on the official ruling that the former money manager died by suicide.
The "Rel" co-creator's sudden death in Mexico at age 32 stunned friends and associates.
Roxsana Hernández Rodriguez had "deep bruises" on her body and died of dehydration, an independent autopsy found.
The details are disturbing. But they sharpen a reality we must confront.
Media coverage often serves to sanitize the graphic, uncomfortable reality of these tragedies. Maybe we don't deserve the privilege of that comfort.
More than two months later, no one has been arrested for A'yanna Allen's death.