availability heuristic

There are well-documented reasons that we humans are fearful of the wrong things (from an odds perspective).
It is imperative that when discussing issues such as what constitutes a "small minority" of religious extremists, that we be armed with the proper statistical information along with the ability to process the relevant data in a fair, accurate, and unbiased manner.
Despite the fact that four passenger planes have crashed in recent months, the most dangerous part of flying is driving to the airport.
So we misunderstand probabilities, and we worry less about less salient rare risks with which we have no powerful firsthand
If you want to know what goes on in your brain as you "think", and you can only read one of the flood of recent books on the subject, you can not do better than Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow.
Sooner or later, the leak will stop and we'll move on. It makes sense to worry most about what threatens you now, but it's a lousy way to assess the risks we really face.
Psychologists who've studied our decision-making processes have observed cognitive biases that tend to get us in trouble. These biases don't make you a bad person, they just make you human.