A 12-year-old boy survived an avalanche in the French Alps after he was buried for 40 minutes.
He was dragged at least 110 yards by the force of the avalanche.
I "kind of ran out of oxygen and passed out" under the snow, says Evan Huck.
Two were injured by the wall of snow. A snowboarder was found dead earlier as a blizzard and fierce winds struck the region.
Two "unprecedented" avalanches in once-stable western Tibet highlights the extent of global warming, researchers warn.
The avalanche happened after a sheet of snow broke off above the slope following several days of heavy snowfall.
An avalanche in April killed 19 mountaineers.
Garrett Madison has already checked "climb Earth's tallest mountain" off of his bucket list not once, but six times. Still, there's nothing quite like getting caught atop Everest as the ground shakes beneath you. Madison recounts April 25, 2015, the day Nepal was struck by a 7.8M earthquake.
The helicopter buries its skids into a knife ridge no wider than a snowboard is long. This first attempt marks the landing zone high up in Alaska's Chilkat Range, north of Haines, Alaska, and not far from the Canadian border.
On April 10th, after an unsuccessful attempt at climbing Mt. Everest last year, I was back at base camp to try again. I was excited, determined, and hopeful that I would finally fulfill my dream of standing on the top of the world.
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“Always practice conservative decision making when in the mountains, taking into account the local avalanche conditions,” he
However, safety on the mountain goes beyond the basics of the Responsibility Code. There are as many aspects to safety while skiing and snowboarding as there are types of snow. Here are a few ways to be safe on the slopes this winter.
When young people lose their lives in sports, it is a bracing slap in the face about why we are involved in sports and a reminder about what is really important (and it's not the results!).