Two snowmobilers narrowly escaped death when their ride triggered an avalanche in Birdseye Gulch, Colorado.
A frightening moment was caught on camera near Denver.
A 12-year-old boy survived an avalanche in the French Alps after he was buried for 40 minutes.
He was dragged at least 110 yards by the force of the avalanche.
I "kind of ran out of oxygen and passed out" under the snow, says Evan Huck.
Two were injured by the wall of snow. A snowboarder was found dead earlier as a blizzard and fierce winds struck the region.
Two "unprecedented" avalanches in once-stable western Tibet highlights the extent of global warming, researchers warn.
The avalanche was human-triggered, officials said.
The avalanche happened after a sheet of snow broke off above the slope following several days of heavy snowfall.
An avalanche in April killed 19 mountaineers.