The deaths across six states raise this season's death toll to 21. Recent weather patterns are being blamed for creating unstable snowpack.
The snow in the 2013 film was animated so well that it helped one scientist develop a simulation to study the grim 1959 death of nine Russian hikers.
Two snowmobilers narrowly escaped death when their ride triggered an avalanche in Birdseye Gulch, Colorado.
A frightening moment was caught on camera near Denver.
A 12-year-old boy survived an avalanche in the French Alps after he was buried for 40 minutes.
He was dragged at least 110 yards by the force of the avalanche.
I "kind of ran out of oxygen and passed out" under the snow, says Evan Huck.
Two were injured by the wall of snow. A snowboarder was found dead earlier as a blizzard and fierce winds struck the region.
Two "unprecedented" avalanches in once-stable western Tibet highlights the extent of global warming, researchers warn.
The avalanche was human-triggered, officials said.