The phenomenal success of Pokemon Go has inspired me. I have developed a new game for the gay male community that combines the best features of the augmented-reality game Pokemon Go with gay hook-up apps like Grindr. I call it Pokemon Gay.
Exoskeleton technology is at its infancy right now but because a third of the worlds population suffers from mobility issues
I don't blame Caplan for not answering the loaded part of the question from CBS. It's a thorny subject to think that a technology
As virtual reality becomes more widely used, it's increasingly important to understand how avatars affect their users. We can also consider how avatars can be designed to potentially change the way people behave in virtual and in real worlds.
8) Baba is a unique phenomenon in the saga of gurus and avatars that periodically take birth in India. However, this - the
Hindu belief incorporates the concept of 'avatar'- the descent of divinity into a form. Sri Krishna declares in the Bhagawad Gita that whenever there is an upheaval of unrighteousness and rampant decay of dharma, God Himself incarnates for restoring order.
When Philadelphia-based illustrator Michele Melcher turned to Kickstarter to launch The UnSelfie Project on May 1st, she hoped to strike a chord with people, but the public's enthusiastic reaction to her campaign has by far exceeded initial expectations.
I encourage you to evaluate your present online avatars (and other social media photos) to determine if they line up with
Russell O’Neill had a similar thought in 2011 when he couldn't make his father's Australian wedding. He built a robot avatar
2. "Transparency" Makes the clothes see-through so the shopper can see how closely or baggily they lay on her body. The beauty
No sooner has Dmitry Itskov, a 32-year-old Russian multimillionaire, sat down at the table in his hotel room than he springs up again and begins pawing through the snacks in the minibar. He tosses aside chips and candy, settles on a box of mixed nuts, then sits back down.
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It all starts sounding very depressing... and lonely. But fear not, the future looks bright. You see, we want to connect... and not just to technology, to each other. We may not be bowling, but we are finding each other in new ways.
To me, adding avatars to the mix may threaten the most deeply healing aspect of therapy: the implicit trust forged by the mysterious bond between therapist and patient; the world in which profound discoveries, and life changes, are facilitated.
Along with between a quarter and half a million people gathered to celebrate the annual PRIDE Festival and Parade last weekend in Minneapolis, a couple of Avatars for Peace decided to make their landing too!
A single click on a new website will change your Twitter avatar to have a green overlay -- the official color of the opposition movement in Iran.
If this is as good and imaginative and kinky as hookers get in Second Life, then life must be just as dull, pedestrian and predictable as it is in the First.