"Own what you naturally have. If you have big nappy hair like me, own it. if you have big eyebrows, own it. Just be yourself
As financial success becomes more commonplace, this emotional awakening will not go unnoticed by CEOs.
I have always been extremely laissez-faire when it comes to my hair. I decided I was in need of some inspiration, and also some real-women stories... here are the hair diaries of 7 BFFs from across the country.
That's good to hear and before we finished chatting with Shorter we had to get the scoop on any exciting projects she has
Like many women, I'm always on the lookout for new safe and amazing cosmetics. What are your favorite paraben-free/phthalate-free or natural beauty products?
For decades I thought I was in charge because I had dominion over editors and magazine content and kept myself very, very busy. Sitting at home was for sissies. I made things happen, and I exerted control, but my choices and directions always bent to the whim of the people who paid me.
Happy Earth Day! It's the perfect time to go all in for all-natural products. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear
After years of study, I have uncovered the key to obtaining a manageable mane. The Holy Grail of good hair? Great products and great tools.
Invati Hair system ($24-$60) will be available January 2012 at Aveda salons and spas and online at aveda.com. Blended with