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But the new total isn't a big increase from what 2013 grads owed.
Brand names do not necessarily maximize student's financial success. If financial success is not driving the mania behind college admissions competitiveness, then what is?
New Hampshire, Delaware and Pennsylvania had the highest average student debt loads at $32,795, $32,571 and $32,528, respectively
Colleges are not required to disclose how much debt their graduates incur. TICAS used figures provided voluntarily by more
The increase in rates on federal student loans will not only impact students -- members of the Catholic Church fear this will also affect faith. Graduates with large amounts of debt will now be less likely to pursue priesthood and will contribute to a significant shortage of priests in the U.S.
The government gets to borrow for 10 years paying less than 2 percent interest on U.S. Treasury notes, while students must pay 6.8 percent interest on the loans they get from the government!
-- 22.7 percent: The default rate in the three years leading up to Sept. 30, 2011 for borrowers that attended for-profit
The program was announced weeks after the millennial unemployment rate hit 13.1 percent, compared to a national rate of 7.9
“As more people default on their student loans, their credit ratings will drop, making it harder for them to access new credit
US News and World report recently ranked the 10 colleges that graduate students with the most debt. On the list are mostly
The class of 2011 came out with an average of $26,600 in student loan debt, a 5 percent increase from $25,250 in 2010, according
Having graduated from college with very minimal student loan debt, there are a few things that worked for me that I can personally recommend for a college student.
The study adds that the average single student debtor would hand over half of monthly earned income to creditors for student
I offer this screenshot as a small window into what student debt looks and feels like from the graduate's perspective. Just look at the "Amount Applied to Interest Column." Half a decade worth of payments later, I still owe over $1,000 more than the original amount I borrowed.
Santorum needn't worry. America is already making it harder for young people of modest means to attend college. Public higher education is being starved, and the middle class will shrink even more as a result.
Below, see the top 10 states with the highest student debt averages. Then tell us -- are you in debt? What's your story? Share
There is every indication that the bursting of the student debt bubble, like the housing bubble before it, is imminent. And when it happens, it will send shockwaves throughout the financial markets. People of color will be especially vulnerable.
Last year, student loan debt outpaced credit card debt for the first time in history. According to the Project on Student
According to the newly released Project on Student Debt, the average student debt load in America is $24,000 -- but in some