avian flu

And it's not just because Leonardo DiCaprio's on board.
Frédéric Keck, Collège de France The fourth article in our series, Globalisation Under Pressure considers the different ways
The American Veterinary Medical Association has proposed to allow killing by the most gruesome methods, including baking and burying animals alive.
It’s time to get the most bang for the buck we still have left – and to protect our national security on all fronts.
H7N9 can infect poultry without causing clinical symptoms, which makes its spread difficult to monitor.
About 55,000 birds will be euthanized.
It the first bird flu case in a commercial U.S. operation in more than a year.
It's the first time this strain of bird flu has been found in Tennessee.
It triggers an epizootic -- a disease event involving a species of animal in a specific area -- rather than an epidemic, a