avonte oquendo

Between the tragic losses of Avonte Oquendo in 2013 and Omarion Humphrey this week, we have lost far too many autistic children and adults in wandering related tragedies.
There are hundreds of cases of children with autism going missing because they have wandered or bolted in the media. Different children wander for different reasons.
Avonte Oquendo's older brother is set to begin law school this week, part of his mission to become a legal advocate to help
Today is World Autism Awareness Day, a day when autism organizations raise awareness of people on the autism spectrum with the hope that more people will be aware every day. For a few months last fall, New Yorkers were.
In the letter, Danny Oquendo expressed hope that Avonte's death would "not be in vain" and urged schools to provide proper
The Avonte tragedy has started a conversation that will hopefully continue, hopefully keep things moving to bring about more action and awareness. Every parent should have the confidence of knowing their child is safe when away from home and family.
Newly obtained surveillance footage shows Avonte Oquendo walking through a school door left open for more than 30 minutes
Now more than ever, special needs parents everywhere want to take action because Avonte was our son, our child, our brother and now is our hope.
Missing person posters were plastered on lampposts and placed on car windshields throughout the city. The teen, who did not
The remains found last week in New York's East River are confirmed to be those of Avonte Oquendo, the severely autistic teen who had been missing since October.