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HBO’s “Insecure” is just one of many genius ways Issa Rae is making room for nuanced portrayals of people of color.
“With every strand of hair that fell on the floor, I felt nervous, but liberated at the same time.”
That one is a really powerful book. That made me feel like, okay, there's a purpose here and there's a path for me. Even
For example, Rae considers herself "socially uncomfortable" and is a bit rhythmically-challenged, as evidenced by her uncoordinated
Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with writer and actress Issa Rae here. But she fears the increasing number of African
Lewis, an actress most known for her role as Hazel in "Degrassi," said it's because of this void she was moved to create
The following comedy acts are incredibly different in content and delivery, but all have one thing in common: they are hilarious. With watch counts in the 6-7 digit range, these acts have proven themselves to be among the funniest on YouTube.
Why do you do the work you do? I felt like my voice was missing, and the voices of other people that I really respect and
"I just wanted to explain to people that 'I'm just like you!' I'm vulnerable, I have dreams, I'm pursuing a tough career
If anyone could bring a version of Black Twitter to life in video form it would be Issa Rae, the wildly successful content
After launching "Awkward Black Girl" independently, she connected with Pharrell, who reached out to invite her to be a part of his "secret" YouTube channel, which is now widely known as I Am Other. "He has a lot of awkward in him," she jokes.
For Rae, who is also responsible for the popular web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, the 30-minute series
Web series like Dr. Horrible, Husbands and Awkward Black Girl are making a splash online, raising the bar for free, quality serial programming available worldwide instantly. Network TV needs to catch up.
Before you start digging through the links, something to ponder: can only prominent black conservatives be victims of high-tech lynchings?
I don't claim to be an expert by any means. But, through years of trial and error, and intensive Internet research, I've found that in order to write a successful web series, it helps to adhere to these five steps.
After mapping out a budget and strongly considering what we needed to increase the show's production value and compensate the crew and actors who volunteered their time, we decided it was time to stop shortchanging ourselves.