axe body spray

"I could smell it all over him," a Florida fire department official said of the guilty party.
The "Is It OK For Guys?" clip aims to shatter masculine stereotypes.
You want to smell good. But should you spend $6 or $56?
The Australian version of the popular men's grooming product Axe is featuring a gay kiss in its latest TV commercial. The
Representatives of Axe Shower Gel couldn't be happier that a full pallet of the product was stolen from a semi truck trailer
CLICK HERE to visit our Super Bowl Live Blog to check out the latest on-field action. Body spray is the key to world peace
In a statement, the Department of Education said eight students were taken to the hospital Wednesday for reactions to a hazardous
In this campaign, Axe decided to focus on women: specifically, the fairer gender's supposedly ever-growing hotness. "The