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"I could smell it all over him," a Florida fire department official said of the guilty party.
Queer Voices
The "Is It OK For Guys?" clip aims to shatter masculine stereotypes.
Queer Voices
The new commercial aims to shatter male stereotypes.
You want to smell good. But should you spend $6 or $56?
Queer Voices
The Australian version of the popular men's grooming product Axe is featuring a gay kiss in its latest TV commercial. The
CLICK HERE to visit our Super Bowl Live Blog to check out the latest on-field action. Body spray is the key to world peace
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In a statement, the Department of Education said eight students were taken to the hospital Wednesday for reactions to a hazardous
In this campaign, Axe decided to focus on women: specifically, the fairer gender's supposedly ever-growing hotness. "The
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Watch a few of the ads below to see the Axe man woo ladies while burglarizing, defibrillating and more. Do you find them
The pillows -- a blow-up chest and arm that come in skinny, tattooed, bodybuilder and hairy -- are featured on Axe's Puerto
Style & Beauty
That never happens. "The guys can look a little more aspirational in the lead roles without the average guy feeling threatened
It's been another long day, and all you want is to throw on your night pants, sit back with an adult beverage in hand, and act according to your target viewing demographic.
Scarlett, I'm sure you are healthy in a WebMD sense but certainly not in the way that reporters mean it. You partly earn that curvy label by your impressive chest. But I feel compelled to inform you that you are not a "regular girl."
Call it anti-branding. Dove is engaging customers by taking aim at its own industry.