Feed your head: Cocaine and ayahuasca compounds were likely used by shamans during funerary rituals, researchers say.
Ayahuasca goes by many names: Daime, Vegetal, Hoasca, Kamarampi, Huni ... whatever you call it, this plant-based psychoactive
A psychedelic trip could give your mind the flexibility to unlock old thought patterns.
I am part of the scientific committee of the Second World Ayahuasca Conference (*), which will be held in Rio Branco, in the Brazilian Amazon, in October. I'd like to share some of the amazing science involving ayahuasca.
Don't be taken by the promises of a quick and easy fix that will magically transform your life. If something seems to be too good to be true or promises a quick and permanent change without you having to lift a finger, someone is just trying to make money off you.
The simultaneous translation was done in a booth on the second floor by Renata Cassis Law, a Brazilian living in the US for
Understanding the root causes of addiction can help us to better treat it.
At 44, I am re-considering my disdain for the U.S. That is perhaps why I was open to accept an invitation to participate in an "all veterans" ayahuasca Peruvian-vegetalismo style ceremony.
The pair reportedly took hallucinogenic plant brew ayahuasca near Iquitos in Peru.
The trip lasted from before midnight until 4 a.m., Matt says. His exit from it is one for the books. "It was almost like
At a moment of catching her breath, Anne Waldman wrote in the first book of The Iovis Trilogy (2011) that transformation is a matter of altering molecular rhythm.
There's a lot more to learn about this powerful, psychoactive brew that's gaining popularity in North America.
An unusual entry in the Cannes Fortnight, Embrace of the Serpent is a stark black-and-white journey down the Amazon in the 1900s, based on the travel journals of German Koch-Grunberg and the American explorer, Richard Evans Schultes.
Allan Badiner wanted to know what happened to the research with psychedelics by bright, spiritually-minded people so he decided to ask a wide spectrum of seekers what their experiences exploring the relationship between Buddhism and psychedelics was.
Quote: "My main problem with Hollywood's depiction of cancer is how they handle the death bed. It's always too neat. The