Ayn Rand

He hasn't succeeded, for the most part, but he's cemented the GOP's identity.
Steve Bannon, in his much discussed comments at a 2014 Vatican conference of fellow conservative Catholics, proclaimed his
You know, it isn't only that Trump insulted my brother and the millions of people all over this country with disabilities, or that he has insulted women, Latinos, Muslims, immigrants, African-Americans, and so many others. It's that he just doesn't get it on a far deeper level.
House Speaker Paul Ryan in an NPR interview Monday acknowledged that the poor are victims of our economic system. The interview sounds reasonable, almost soothing, until you examine what Ryan is really saying.
In an era of increasingly partisan politics, routine measures like developing the annual federal budget have become highly politicized.
Yes, Donald Trump is a businessman. But that word doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. He uses it as an excuse for things he's done and said, the details of which continue to emerge--as this week's revelation on his company's tax evasion makes clear.
Please, Hillary, don't dilute Stronger Together. Unity isn't about Republicans and Democrats having a kumbaya moment. We have powerful ideological disagreements, and only one party relies on hate.
So far, technology and science have not given us the hope that they will stop war. We must therefore be on our guard not to incite war--and not to pick leaders that have a propensity to lead us into armed conflict.
For the past 20 years, I have had the great pleasure of working with Jennifer Grossman. A feminist and a libertarian, Jennifer's work ethic and integrity have impressed me endlessly.
Reporters and headline writers, as well as the American people, could be in for another wild ride this year up through November. Hold your breath, because anything could happen. Ryan is perfectly positioned to emerge, once again, as his party's last-minute savior.
1. A philosopher. Eric Hoffer was a longshoreman philosopher in San Francisco who wrote The True Believer: Thoughts on the
Rand and Christian conservatives have more in common than we might think: the form of compassion championed by Ayn Rand survives today in the Christian conservative movement.
To paraphrase Ayn, a good man is a good man regardless of how many other evil men belong to his religion, or claim to. A bad man is still a bad man, no matter how many good men belong to his faith. Individualism ultimately means each man, woman and child is responsible for their actions, not the actions of others.
Throughout his column, Douthat speaks of how libertarian values restrain fascism--they do. To equate them with conservative ideology, however, is a bit of stretch. Conservatives are not libertarians. Conservatism is not the ally of liberty. It is first and foremost the ally of the status quo and the past. Every attempt to expand human liberty was opposed by conservatives of the day.
Life is a chaotic carousel constantly spinning and it's our job to learn how to grab ahold of the moving poles because the carousel never stops. Years are spent grieving, years are spent falling in love, years are spent working and chasing dreams, and some years are spent in such pain, you have practically fallen off the carousel.
Fiction is often dismissed as a cheap form of escapism, but the GOP's almost universal disdain for factual information has created an environment where writers of fiction can entertain and educate at the same time.
The so-called "Libertarian" battle cry of "liberty" and "freedom" through "personal responsibility" sounds wonderful on the surface, but we have to ask ourselves as individuals and as a nation, what do they really mean by and what are the costs of this alleged "liberty" and "freedom"?
I work with elders because I am selfish: I want to limit my own suffering in old age, and hopefully others' along the way. I am open and actively learning from elders and the aging process.
Even though Paul Ryan puts a sane, sensible face on Republican extremism, it is still the same extremism dressed in sheep's clothing that has guided conservative thought since Ronald Reagan.