Here’s how you can apply 5,000-year-old diet principles to increase immunity and reduce stress.
These brands tap into ancient wisdom to create natural, science-backed products that deliver.
Experts break down how a little temperature shift may make a huge difference.
[1] Most people have heard of chakras or points, which can be described as centres of concentrated divine energy located
In just over a decade, whole grain products have become more popular, more palatable and more accessible. Grab a cranberry
Many would define freedom simply as not being subject to the will of another-- unimpeded, unrestricted and restrained. How
More at soulfulvegan.com. Mild-- Enjoy summer produce mild in flavor but high in water content, like zucchini and summer
When the doshas are balanced, you can stay centered in your wisdom, while creatively engaging and problem solving, and taking action on necessary change. There are three steps to supporting balance.
I am coming out of the closet now: I don't exercise. I take my dog for walks and sometimes I do yoga. But I have never owned a gym membership and I have never run a marathon. I really do not know why I should. I am not obese and my health is okay.
We often hear "you are what you eat." But in truth, "you are what you digest and assimilate." If your digestion is impaired you'll miss out on important nutrients from your food.