azar nafisi

"If you get traumatized reading a book," says best-selling author Azar Nafisi, "how will you live?"
The government is constantly trying to block the common people from using the social media, but they are not fully able to
The honor of Muslims is Islam, simply Islam, when it is true to its principle, which signifies (as everyone knows, but unfortunately, some have often forgotten): peace.
Last week, like so many others, I was horrified to read that a 43-year-old woman in Iran had been sentenced to be stoned to death for an alleged act of adultery. I knew I could not just go to bed that night.
Who's making fun of Iranians? Nobody. Except for Iranians themselves. Most likely, this shortcoming stems from a lack of familiarity with the endearing quirks of Iranian culture that would lend themselves to proper parody.