The only thing better than an unspoiled paradise is one that nobody you know has visited yet. Some people can say they’re
Azores, off Flores Island Greece Ischia, Castelo Aragonese Drama Spain Athos, near Megisti Lavra (actually sunrise) Samothrace
For Budget Travelers The Azores was often perceived as an expensive and hard to reach travel destination. It all changed
The Azores is a group of nine islands off the coast of Portugal. Their remote Atlantic location serves as an important stop for over 20 species of whales and dolphins to migrate.
São Miguel Island has no shortage of gorgeous natural scenery. But Lagoa do Fogo might take the cake for the most stunning
The before of my mother's story isn't always clear, but I can vouch for the after. There was my mother, who begins a story about a man without shoes or a little girl bound for another life, and I listen because somewhere in these legends is my legacy.
Go ahead and become a castaway for a day or two. Here are 10 secret places -- from the mysterious North Atlantic to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean -- where you can completely surrender to island time.
The beast charges at anyone foolish enough to run past and taunt him. As it turns out, many are.
[A] seahorse that lives on the western coast of the Atlantic has been found in the Azores almost 5000km away from its possible