b scott

Tyga’s lawyer has responded after leaked photos of the rapper surfaced. Vlogger and TV personality B. Scott claimed in a
On Thursday, TMZ first published excerpts from leaked emails purportedly from BET personnel discussing Scott's appearance
The main issue for the traditional trans community is that by being public and claiming membership as trans, persons such as B. Scott, or the recent detransitioners who made the news, muddy the public perception and make political action more difficult.
Gender-nonconforming media personality B. Scott, who is openly gay, is suing Black Entertainment Television (BET) for discrimination
At the BET Awards, B. Scott had his unique gender expression and appearance on the red carpet policed. Known for his luxurious hair, beat face, and fabulous outfits, B. Scott was confronted by a situation that many who refuse to conform to society's expectation of manhood find ourselves.
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