babe ruth

The Monument Park marker appears alongside those dedicated to baseball greats Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter.
These popular names from 1919 are due for a comeback.
A few viewers celebrated that they knew something the record-breaking champ didn't.
Shohei Ohtani's three-run blast traveled nearly 400 feet.
"Battle of The Sexes," which hits theaters on Friday, recounts the match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in 1973. King defeated Riggs, but that wasn't the only time a woman won over a man in sports.
Sheen was the owner of the Bambino's 1927 World Series ring.
He was born in 1927 on this day. Calvin Coolidge was president. Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris the day before. Wonder
Although this would be the last major league contingent to go out to Japan before the war, teams from Harvard and Yale toured
Whether it's Instagram likes or Twitter RTs, everyone in today's world is looking for instant gratification. Many hope to become the next overnight success or make a million bucks before they turn twenty. But we seem to forget that most of the icons we idolize worked their asses off to get where they are. They didn't just start on The X Factor, or make a YouTube video of themselves singing.
As the TV news broadcast challenged its print counterpart for the attention of the viewing public, sports focused programs
Hank Aaron was baseball's quiet man. It was the world around him that got noisy, and this production reminds us that the commotion and tension for Aaron began long before he broke Babe Ruth's all-time home run record in 1974.
So there's the math behind my flippant statements that this is a BS rally that you shouldn't be sucked into.  Stop watching
Although this would be the last major league contingent to go out to Japan before the war, teams from Harvard and Yale toured
These are the kinds of stories that can only be told from the perspective of somebody, like Leonoudakis, who loves baseball and spends more time thinking about it than is probably recommended by most spouses and mental health professionals.
A few years ago on Yogi Berra's birthday, I tweeted out a birthday greeting with a link to a YouTube video of his career
Joe Engel was involved with professional baseball from age 19 through his mid-60s. He spent most of his career associated with Clark Griffith, owner of the Washington Senators. Engel pitched for the Senators from 1912-1915 as well as his final year in the Majors, 1920.
How many budding millionaires were thwarted when their parents threw out their old baseball cards? Nobody really knows -- but occasionally people unearth old baseball cards or other memorabilia from an attic or storage chest from bygone days.
I began to wonder about my longevity when I read that researchers in the United Kingdom had created a survey that can calculate a person's chances of dying in the next five years.