The male baboon was en route to a vasectomy procedure with two females in tow to keep him calm, authorities said.
Commissioner Blake Fischer bragged of killing at least 14 animals, including "a whole family of baboons."
Don't monkey around with this baboon.
CORRECTION: The article originally suggested that the lioness was protecting the baboon. Upon further conversation with the
When 8-month-old baboon, Rosa-Lee met Mimi the tiger cub and Bullet the dog, magic happened. When the trio isn't discussing
Orchid see, orchid do. SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS For another amazing picture of Dracula simia, click over to the University
2012-05-03-Screenshot20120503at3.47.54PM.jpgKarin has dedicated her life to the conservation of primates and has successfully rehabilitated and released 35 monkeys, and is currently caring for 6 orphaned baby baboons.
A baboon may have escaped from the Jackson, New Jersey Six Flags amusement park and is now roaming New Jersey neighborhoods
This is definitely the week of the cute bordering on weird. Or perhaps, the weird bordering on cute. A Chihuahua licking
Animals have evolved some truly bizarre behaviors. Watch our video slideshow to find out about the spotted skunk that handstands