Baby announcement

The former lighting director had a lot to say about the "proud moment."
Writer Richard Littlejohn called the Olympic diver's announcement a "publicity stunt."
"This video, unfortunately, only captured my initial shock," he told HuffPost. "I am BEYOND excited to take this journey
"When we researched the different avenues of adoption we could take, we just felt a sort of pull towards the children in
"But only in the car," she said. "That's his jam." Anything less than the best, after all, is a felony. So when the couple
“When his due date was approaching, I started to think about how to break the news to friends and family once the big day
When a mom tells her kids that she's going to have another baby, their reactions run the gamut. Sometimes they're thrilled
Baby makes four! Well, if you include this couple's teddy bear as part of the family, that is.
If stuffed animals could talk, we're sure he'd be just as elated as these kids. Congrats to teddy and the new parents! (hat
A baby's gender announcement is a joyous time for all. Well, maybe not for this little girl who really (REALLY) wished she