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Experts predict the scourges of coronavirus and an economic recession will lead to a drop in birth rates. Here's why that matters.
Chicago is having a baby boom, and doctors think it’s thanks to the Cubs’ World Series win. Chicago is having a baby boom. The Cubs won the series in November. Do the math.
If you're one of those marketers who are staring out into the distance trying to figure out what your future looks like, you might want to look down instead.
As Kristina says in the above video, the memorable movie role might not have happened, if not for the girls' aunt. "It was
Low birth rates over the last few decades will slow the flow of young people into the workforce just as the retirement of the baby boom and increasing longevity will enlarge the proportion of dependent retirees.
Welcome home to the new world. The Boomers are now retiring at the alarming rate of 10,000 a day for the next 17 years. They are leaving their second places and coming home, and the true impact of this reverse commute is only now beginning to materialize.
Unfortunately, we -- and by we, I speak now of my cohort, the Baby Boom generation -- seem to be the ones who have turned nostalgia into an industry. Which takes most of the fun out of it.
The result of this model showed, within three generations, a group of people who preferred to have lots of children and did
Alissa & Nichols Berse join HuffPost Live to share their story of how Hurricane Sandy gave their relationship a kick of romance and now have a little bundle of joy.
"During the boom when my wife was working we were more money focused. When you lose your job your focus changes," said Paul
That is the gist of a new Discover article by Robert Epstein. He presents evidence that Americans are more sexually liberated when there is an excess of women relative to men at peak marrying age. Political liberalism goes along with liberated sexuality.
Below, relive some of the TV shows based on movies and spot the famous faces who appeared in these shows long before they
As the leading edge of the baby-boom generation reaches the traditional torch-passing age, the tradition is obsolete. The mores, norms, and behaviors of past generations have left the torch in far too poor a condition to pass in good conscience.
The world's largest food and nutrition company is in final talks to buy Pfizer's infant nutrition business for between $9
"Baby Hold On" - Eddie Money "Take Me Home Tonight" - Eddie Money "Be My Baby" - Ronettes "Jenny Take a Ride" - Mitch Ryder
Working women as portrayed in Hollywood movies still have a long way to go -- point me to a few romantic comedies featuring
However, several studies suggest that the idea of the lunar effect influencing the number or frequency of deliveries is just
For many women of the baby boom generation, "making trouble" requires a gentle nudge -- even in the name of worthy causes. Happily, that's changing.
And watch a video report: Be sure to check out the full article here, or pick up the January issue of National Geographic
Perched on the front stoop of old age, Baby Boomers are more downbeat than other age groups about the trajectory of their