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John "Dear John, I see it all now that you're gone." -- "Dear John"   Also on HuffPost: Bobby "I met Bobby on the boardwalk
Jameson/Jamison Hamish James This patronymic version is rapidly climbing for boys (and sometimes girls). It’s currently at
Madigan Lionel Rosamund There may be fewer fish than other animal names in the sea, but a couple are worth consideration
Huck and Finn Here are nine charming characters's names that are particularly inspiring parents as of late. The title character
It turns out that top national names Noah and Emma were far from the most popular in every state: Emma was number one in
Thanks to Henry and Gerald, Ford has history galore. In 2011, actor Owen Wilson gave the name to his son. It’s an interesting
Again this year pop culture was a prime influence, with names drawn from such sources as "Game of Thrones," "Downton Abbey
A Though they sound very much alike, Quenton and Quentin mean “fifth,” while Quinton means “queen’s manor.” Theodore is the
Peter Ruby Cecily March 'Tis the season for Easter egg hunts, your Sunday best and of course, bunnies! If you're expecting
Speaking of Isabelle, that’s the same middle name Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis gave to their daughter, born in 2014. Wyatt
Naming a son this spring? You might consider Wells. A well is literally a spring, a source of water drawn from an underground
Waldo Llewellyn Singer Barbra Streisand made her unusually-spelled shortened name famous in the 1960s, when it peaked at
Tadhg No pronunciation help needed here. Though a top name in Ireland, Callum actually has Scottish origins, and means dove
Jayceon Litzy Aaliyah Haughton was just 12 years old when she signed her first recording contract, and only 22 when she died
Blanche Mamie Ida Cox is one of the most underrated of the early blues singers (she was called “The Uncrowned Queen of the
Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon dropped her first two names and put Reese on the map for girls back in 1991. Former Hershey’s
With their lilting rhythms and catchy rhymes, nursery rhymes have delighted successive generations of children since the