baby deer

Yes, deer! Rare baby deer make their debut at the Bronx Zoo.
When a young cat crossed paths with a fawn hanging out on her porch, the fawn stared blankly as if the cat wasn't even there
Not only did one nature-loving guy manage to single-handedly rehabilitate an injured deer who was abandoned by her family
“What the heck is this thing?”
(h/t The Dodo) Dashcam video from Sept. 20 shows the two officers in Menasha, Wis., working during a nighttime thunderstorm
Oh, deer! It looks like this fawn can't get enough cuddling. "Now when we go put it down, it freaks out until we start rubbing
The YouTube user A Bad Idol recently uploaded a video of a deer approaching him and his camera while he filmed the animal
And here's sister Penny horsing around: Courtesy Patti Truesdell/Detroit Zoo. Courtesy Detroit Zoo. And there's plenty of
Photo by Lee Fisher courtesy of Detroit Zoological Society. The baby pudu, a species of deer, was born on May 20 to parents