baby delivery

Swabbing babies with their mothers' vaginal fluid microbes could help with immune system development.
"That baby wasn't having any of it and wanted to make an early appearance."
Right now, many dads and moms eagerly are awaiting the birth of their babies. Parents worry about enough things during pregnancy -- avoidable risks shouldn't be among them.
In Ashland, Mass., two women in labor required emergency help, WCBV noted. One made it to the hospital for the delivery. The
"It was as if she exhaled and gave birth to a baby," said Brewer, whose own labor with Dylan lasted 20 hours. According to
Soborowicz calmed Kimberly Sherwood with encouraging words, coached her as she pushed and checked to make sure the baby's
A pregnant Bronx woman managed to make it to the hospital after she went into labor on Sunday, but ended up delivering her