baby formula

As if parents weren't already feeling enough guilt over their feeding choices, they may worry they're giving their babies lower-quality nutrition if they don't buy an expensive infant formula.
U.S. regulators have historically inspected baby formula plants at least once a year, but they did not inspect any of the three biggest manufacturers in 2020.
The baby formula maker reopened its plant this month, but shortages are expected to linger for weeks.
Bubs Australia and Kendamil are heading to American store shelves after Abbott Nutrition’s plant shutdown and recall exacerbated a baby formula shortage.
Abbott CEO promises to prioritize formula for babies in greatest need, and vows to "ensure this never happens again."
The Air Force flew pallets of baby formula to Indiana to begin alleviating the devastating nationwide shortage.
Adams signed an executive order that will allow New York City to prevent price gouging on baby formula.
The formula is being transferred from a U.S. Air Force base in Germany.
The statement completely ignores the physical, emotional and financial costs of nursing — and women are bearing the expense.
House Democrats are pushing a small funding boost for the Food and Drug Administration.