baby formula

The formula is being transferred from a U.S. Air Force base in Germany.
The statement completely ignores the physical, emotional and financial costs of nursing — and women are bearing the expense.
House Democrats are pushing a small funding boost for the Food and Drug Administration.
The president is also ordering Defense Department aircraft to ship formula from overseas.
Lawmakers are homing in on the harmful economic effects of monopolies in America as a key factor that led to the crisis.
Democrats also announced new legislation aimed at relieving the problem, which is affecting families around the country.
The Biden administration has come under pressure to do more to ease the shortage.
The Biden administration has come under intense pressure over the last week to do more to ease the formula shortage.
The White House said it is working with all major formula producers to boost production, including reaching out to their suppliers.
A staffer claimed she meant "children" grifters, not pedophile grifters, which still makes no sense.