baby got back

"She did weird things that I didn't understand then," he says.
"A lot of people think, 'Did Nicki write you a check for $1 million?'" he says. "No. That's not how it happened."
The rapper had an epiphany about body image after seeing a beer commercial.
We've made (at least a little) progress since 1991 when it comes to the way women are represented in music videos, but watching
Right on, Holdernesses! The Holderness family, who went viral in December with their hit "#Xmas Jammies" video, has returned
Oh my God, Becky. Look at this rap. "The Tonight Show" kicked off its Orlando shows this week with the latest Brian Williams
In the spirit of absurd (but most certainly divine) combinations of today, the Seattle Symphony -- under the direction of
9. Buttcrack. Always. 14. Drunk friends have tried to balance drinks on your behind. 17. Before smartphones, you butt-dialed
It's a "Baby Got Back" cover that puts some Rat Pack swing into the 1992 rap classic. If you think the world was denied by
Are you a fan of early 90's hip-hop and rap? Do you appreciate when classic songs get a modern, auto-tune remix? Do you happen
The airline sent out a giggle-inducing tweet Tuesday afternoon and we think Sir Mix-A-Lot would have been very proud: Who
The karaoke staple worked its way onto dance floors everywhere on May 7, 1992, when Sir Mix-a-Lot released what would become
Whether it's shouting the lyrics to "Baby Got Back" for the millionth time at a party or recalling the somberness of "Bitter
In 1992, that one song had a lot of us confessing: "I like big butts and I cannot lie." Once in a (full) moon, a song comes