baby got back

"She did weird things that I didn't understand then," he says.
"A lot of people think, 'Did Nicki write you a check for $1 million?'" he says. "No. That's not how it happened."
The rapper had an epiphany about body image after seeing a beer commercial.
Holler at your girl(s). First the participants watched Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” from 1992. While watching, one woman
HuffPost Entertainment's podcast will focus on a variety of topics and issues. Stay tuned for more next week. Sir Mix-A-Lot
Right on, Holdernesses! "I like big busses and I can't deny!" Preparing to go back to school is a complex art that involves
Oh my God, Becky. Look at this rap. "The Tonight Show" kicked off its Orlando shows this week with the latest Brian Williams
In the spirit of absurd (but most certainly divine) combinations of today, the Seattle Symphony -- under the direction of
12. For you, "work-appropriate pants" are slacks four times bigger than your normal size with the waist taken in. 8. Three