baby it's cold outside

The singer's pro-consent version has been accused of “destroying” Christmas.
The "All of Me" singer released a modern version of the Christmas classic featuring Kelly Clarkson.
The singer recorded his consent-friendly version of the controversial Christmas season classic with Kelly Clarkson.
The singer is working on a retooled version of the Christmas standard featuring Kelly Clarkson.
"Baby, Just GO Outside" is the latest video from the Holderness Family.
Writer Frank Loesser's daughter said the song has been linked to date rape since accusations emerged against the comedian and actor.
Lyrics like "You reserve the right to say no" are so much better than the original.
It's just a sketch, it's just a sketch, it's just a sketch...
Perfection. Watch the full video above. h/t Wifey TV If you've ever thought the male singer in "Baby, It's Cold Outside" spends
If our rape problem is still so bad today, 70 years later, but we're at least now aware of this problem, then why does this creepy song still get so much play?