baby it's cold outside

"Baby, Just GO Outside" is the latest video from the Holderness Family.
Writer Frank Loesser's daughter said the song has been linked to date rape since accusations emerged against the comedian and actor.
Lyrics like "You reserve the right to say no" are so much better than the original.
It's just a sketch, it's just a sketch, it's just a sketch...
"I really can't stay --" "That's totally fine. I'll call you again." If you've ever thought the male singer in "Baby, It's
If our rape problem is still so bad today, 70 years later, but we're at least now aware of this problem, then why does this creepy song still get so much play?
On Monday, Menzel posted a music video of the new duet on her YouTube page. The clip, which has been watched more than 630,000
Watch how fast "Baby, it's cold outside," turns into, "Baby, it's not that bad out there," when a guy has commitment issues
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Joseph Gordon-Levitt has gone and charmed us again, this time taking
In honor of the eggnog and candy cane-filled days ahead, why not spend Thanksgiving weekend getting reacquainted with your
Singer, songwriter and multi-talented musician Casey Abrams performs his original tune "Stuck in London" and answers fan questions about his mesmerizing beard, his relationship with Haley Reinhart, the evolution of his music for his latest self-titled album and upcoming tours.
The deeply bromanced funnymen took the opportunity to alter and personalize some of the lyrics to better suit them, like
The holiday classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside" gets the gay treatment yet again, this time courtesy of cuties Mister Chase