baby raccoon

Many of us grew up being told raccoons definitely have rabies when they are seen during the day. However, a raccoon that's active during the day is not necessarily sick or dangerous.
Late last year, a very unusual bundle fell out of a tree in Rosie Kemp's backyard: a month-old raccoon.
This little guy will get the hang of it eventually. It doesn't take long for the little tyke to get the hang of it, giving
That man in the video is right. This would be a great Dawn commercial.
All animals need their exercise. And this raccoon is no different... Well, kind of. Watch the video above to see this impressive
Distributed by MCT Information Services They sprang into action, fashioning a can opener out of metal cutters and gingerly
It's Monday, so chances are you're reluctantly heading to work to start yet another grind. Well, it's not all that bad when